Superior Guidance

Never picked up a dumbbell in your life? Worried about the possible risk of injuries from improper technique and form? This is the perfect service for you!

Losing weight is one thing, what about keeping it off for life?

Let me help you build the foundation of strength and skill to start and progress in your fitness journey.

The number one way to not only achieve the physique of your dreams but also maintain it as well is through building muscle mass. People often talk about how they have a naturally slow metabolism. Did you know by simply adding more muscle to your frame, you instantly raise your metabolism to burn more calories at all times? Yes, even while sleeping and not at the gym!  How does one build more muscle? It’s simple, get stronger.

Now you’re probably asking, how do I get stronger? The body can only change and improve for the better when it is exposed to stress it has never experienced before. Strength and barbell training is the number one way to safely and effectively expose our bodies to this type of stimulus and stress long term.

Our one on one sessions will allow me to give you instantaneous feedback under a watchful eye. This will ensure that you not only develop safe, correct technique that will yield maximal results but more importantly, stay injury and pain free.



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