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I have been involved in fitness and strength building for over 10 years. During this time I have had the pleasure of working with many different types of Trainers, Training partners and athletes. In any sport or occupation, variety always keeps you fresh and excited to see progression and results. This is especially true in weight training, as it allows your muscles to be shocked and continue to develop. I feel this is Du’s specialty, along with many other talents.

Du is an exceptional trainer who has taken my weight training to another level in a short period of time. He is someone who leads by example, has an amazing amount of knowledge and passion to see improvements in his clients and himself.  He does this by keep the workouts exciting and fun, while at the same time providing the most beneficial and “no bullshit” programs to reach my goals and PR’s. I can honestly say that his program has brought back the excitement to train hard, at a time when I did not have the motivation to lift. Without Du’s program, I would be just going through the motions of gym life, and would not be excited to TRAIN every workout to be the best version on myself.

I would recommend Du to all my Friends, Family and anyone else who needs Motivation, to be Inspired, and best of all Direction to reach your goals! Du has changed the way I train and I am never going back to the old life! Thank you Du, from the bottom of my heart!

A True Professional Trainer!

Evan Leger


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